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For Sale: Nice High Quality Curley Maple Banjo(reduced)






Here is really nice Bluegrass banjo at a good price . It was made by a private maker "Vance" using the highest quality parts. Beautiful Curley maple neck and Resonator. It has a " Mahogany" rim, Tennessee 20 tonering. I am pretty sure that the metal parts are "Prucha" parts. I acquired this in a trade. It is built to a similar quality as the Gibson's .The neck had a "clean break" that has been repaired by a skilled repairman at the volute and is structurally sound with a fine line visible. That was done some time ago. It sounds and plays wonderfully and would be a perfect upgrade for someone ready to upgrade to a high Quality banjo at a very affordable price. I will offer it at this time for $1295.00 (plus shipping) and comes with a hard shell case. I could record a wav file sound clip if helpful. Thanks for looking. Mike Guggemos, Mn.

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Price: $1,295.00 USD

Posted By: gugger

United States, Winsted, MN, 55395

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Very Good Condition

Type: 5-String Resonator

Brand: various components

Ad Status: Active, #80791

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