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For Sale: Gold Tone BG-250F





Quality sound at a great price make the BG-250F a "Bluegrass Special." This banjo includes our lifetime warranty. The BG-250F has a flange and a larger resonator for piercing tone in bluegrass music.

Features include bell brass tone-ring, maple neck, maple rim, shoe style lugs, planetary tuners, Straight Line tailpiece, two way adjustable truss rod, and a beautiful brown vintage finish. Mother of pearl headstock inlay and snowflake fingerboard inlay are combined with a mahogany resonator.

An awesome deal on a quality banjo. The price in comparison to the quality and sound is incredible-Ross Nickerson
BG 250-F includes, a one year membership to and Fundamentals the Five String Banjo by Ross Nickerson, a 45 page book with two CDs and DVD, or another Ross Nickerson Book/CD/DVD of your choice. /Free Shipping/Free Hard Case and intelli tuner

Call for more details or with questions. 1-866-322-6567 We will match or beat any competitors price! Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Paypal accepted.

Customer in Italy who bought a lefty BG-250.... Hi Ross, I received the banjo today!!! wonderful!!! ... All is Ok! ... I am playing it now and I mean to play until late tonight ;) ... Well I want express my thanks to you now, and communicate as well that I will not forget your name for my next purchasing, possibly next year, and sure I will make your name to friends who want to buy a banjo... Ross! I wish you all the best and again thanks alot. Emanuel.

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Price: $1,072.00 USD

Shipping: FREE US SHIPPING/HARD CASE/CC Tuner/ Ross Nickerson/Book/CD/DVD/Free Membership to BanjoTeacher

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United States, FL,

Contact Info: To purchase the banjo or for more specific answers to any question just visit or call at 1-866-322-6567

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Type: 5-String Resonator

Brand: Gold Tone

Ad Status: Active, #4060

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