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For Sale: Vega Senator 11”






Vega Senator 11”, natural finish, made in 2010, scoop neck, spike at 7th fret. Comes in Vega arch top hard case. Currently has a Remo Fiberskin head, also included is the original Vega Frosted head which I will reinstall if the buyer prefers. This banjo is in like new condition.

This is the easiest banjo I’ve played however I have found I prefer 12” banjos and this one doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

If buyer picks the banjo up, I will credit $100.

Description from Deering’s website:

A spun brass tone ring, ideal for Old Time, Classical, Folk, Civil War music, over 100 years of Vega tradition and Deering's innovative approach to banjo crafting went into the creation of the Vega Senator model. The spun brass tone ring gives it a bright yet warm tone. The Senator has the time honored vintage Vega peghead profile, and a rich warm brown stained maple neck with adjustable truss rod and a 3-ply rim with dual coordinator rods. The hard, dense, naturally beautiful ebony fingerboard is inlaid with pearl dots, and a Vega star at the fifth fret. This open back Vega Senator has the ease of playability that all Deering banjos are noted for, and the light weight desired by many banjo players without sacrificing sound quality and sustain.

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Price: $1,750.00 USD

Shipping: Seller pays - $100 credit if buyer picks up

Posted By: sgonyo

United States, Doswell, VA, 23047

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Mint Condition

Type: 5-String Openback

Brand: Vega

Ad Status: Active, #99421

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