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For Sale: Bart Reiter "Professional" Exc Condition, sale pending (sold)






Bart Reiter at his best. Bacon internal resonator reproduction. Serial #1516 Beautiful internal resonator banjo, in used but not abused, excellent condition. The pictures I post are accurate, and I can send more by request. Here's the link to the Bart Reiter web page describing this banjo:

And a youtube link to me playing this banjo briefly:

As far as I can tell the banjo still has the original setup specs. The action is perfect. There is some finish checking, primarily on the back of the internal resonator, which is not unusual for an instrument of this type and vintage. Some of the chrome is tarnished but no pieces are missing. A few dings, but nothing substantial. Hard case is full size bump case with a liner to accommodate the 11" rim, and it is also in excellent condition. The Vega type wire armrest seen in the pictures in not currently installed but is in the case pocket. If you don't want it I would be happy to keep it :). There's a railroad spike at the 9th fret. For second fret capo I just tune the fifth string up one full tone.

I posted this as for sale or trade in 2017 and again more recently. The trade I was offered in 2017 didn't work out but no harm was done. I thought I had sold it last week, but actually I was just being scammed. Watch out for overpayment scams. I thought the sale was legit but after I changed the post to sold I realized the offer was bogus.

I'm selling it because I've wanted a lighter banjo for some time - as I am getting older and weight is an issue for me. This banjo has a thick rim plus the Bacon tone ring and internal resonator so it's a bit heavier than some other open back banjos. It weighs about 8 pounds. It plays great and has exceptional tone and projection.

Due to the problems I have had buying, selling and shipping banjos I will only make this sale in person - but I'm willing to travel up to 100 miles or so to make that happen, ideally both parties travel half way if you aren't nearby. I'm in Central Massachusetts so New York, New Jersey, Vermont, New Hampshire, Albany, Boston - all are possible. I'm sure if you see it and play it you will love it. My goal is that we both will be happy with the exchange.

Price: $1,868.00 USD

Shipping: Pick up or delivery - in person exchange

Posted By: wendellfiddler

United States, Wendell, MA, 01379

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Excellent Condition

Type: 5-String Openback

Brand: Bart Reiter

Ad Status: Sold, #98440

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