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For Sale: Mac Traynham open back banjo 12" pot






This is a mint condition Mac Traynham open back banjo 12" pot with some beautiful custom inlay and his usual fine attention to craftsmanship in every part of the instrument. A superb banjo in every respect, see the pictures.

12" pot, ring tonering and a skin head make for a resonant, remarkable and basically perfect tone.

I am asking $2750 but will consider reasonable offers. I'll include a TKL hardcase in perfect shape.

Happy to ship it anywhere, or if you are in central NC we can meet up. I've shipped hundreds of instruments all over the place without incident.

Cash, money orders, checks, Paypal or Zelle are all fine for payment. Checks have to clear before shipping

Interested in buying this banjo?
to arrange purchase

Price: $2,750.00 USD

Shipping: buyer pays insured shipping via their preferred service

Posted By: Banjo2000

United States, Carrboro, NC,

Contact Info: happy to talk on the phone or over email if you want specific additional informaiton

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Mint Condition

Type: 5-String Openback

Brand: Mac Traynham

Ad Status: Active, #97997

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