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For Sale: Refurbished 12" Open Back 5 String Banjo (sold)








This banjo was put together from parts. Some used and some new. The banjo is all set up and ready to play. You can listen to this banjo being played in the clawhammer style by me by clicking on the link below.

The scooped neck is from a Gold tone CC-100 and has been refurbished with new frets and finish. The tuners are new planetary type. The neck to pot fit is tight and secure. String action is 3 mm above the 12th fret.

The vintage and unusual 12" aluminum pot assembly is of unknown origin. The brass hooks, nuts and "shims"attach via intregal aluminum flanges/lugs. See pics. It has a new fiberskin head and new presto tailpiece. The medium light steel strings sit on a 5/8" Snuffy Smith bridge. The banjo weighs in at 7lbs.

There is no case but the banjo will be packed securly and shipped insured via UPS ground.

Price: $450.00 USD

Shipping: UPS retail ground based on US zip code. $70.00 max

Posted By: hudie

United States, Moscow, ID, 83843

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Excellent Condition

Type: 5-String Openback

Brand: Frank n Stein

Ad Status: Sold, #97513

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