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For Sale or Trade: Vintage Kay K-57 w/new Gator Case $195 + shipping









This one will put you in good company with Rosco Holcomb as it is also missing the resonator!

This one has vintaged PERFECTLY which is part of the reason why I bought it—it is truly a diamond in the rough. With the oxidation of the flange, rusting of the tailpiece, and yellowing of the hide head this one really looks the part!

It’s also a functional banjo that plays and sounds great. If you want to learn some clawhammer you can have a ‘goodtime” on this banjo for 1/2 the money!

The original Kluson tuners are rusted on the outside bu hold like a champ, the heavy flange provides great tone, the long scale ensures that this banjo growls. The rim is unique in that Kay’s catalogue states that it is a “mahogany shell” as opposed to the traditional maple. Anybody who has ever played a mahogany rimmed banjo knows that you get a very unique tone from them. This one is OT all the way!

This banjo was actually a pretty decent model for the time. The rock maple neck is celluloid bound. It measures and plays very comfortably. Both the neck and rim are hand polished and finished.

The unique Kay neck action adjustment is a thing of beauty and allows you to use any size bridge you’d like. I currently have a generic which measures….

This one looks and sounds the part and will be shipped in a new gator foam gig bag….

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Price: $195.00 USD

Shipping: Actual to your location

Posted By: revellfa

United States, Lavale, MD, 21502

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Very Good Condition

Type: 5-String Openback

Brand: Kay

Ad Status: Active, #97495

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