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For Sale: Ludwig Plectrum Project Banjo (sold)





This is a top tension Ludwig banjo. The tension hoop and flange are in good shape without cracking. At one point, a hole was tapped so that a modern tailpiece could be used. The resonator attachment was also changed to a gibson style.

The original tuners are missing and were replaced with friction tuners. To make this a better playing banjo, the dowel will likely need adjusted. It'd be nice to throw on geared tuners and a top tension tailpiece. These come up for sale periodically.

I picked this up from an older music store late last year, but I am looking less and less like I'm ever going to get to this project.

The head is new. That's all I got around to. This is being sold as a project as, even though it could be played, it needs a bit of real work to make it a player.

Price: $65.00 USD

Shipping: 50

Posted By: Nic Pennsylvania

United States, Butler, PA, 16001

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Fair Condition

Type: 4-String

Brand: Ludwig

Ad Status: Sold, #94807

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