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For Sale: Deering Eagle II Openback






Practically like new except for typical head wear.
2nd owner since 2015 (new in 2013 -- S/N 030527/30527); I bought from this forum but unfortunately have only played it a few times.

The Openback creates something of a hybrid. There is really good note separation like a bluegrass banjo but they have been able to keep the upper register from being tinny and more like an old time banjo. It excels at accentuating the middle tones that can get lost on a lot of banjos. According to Deering: "The Twenty Ten Tone Ring is made of brass and producing a tone with a very rich mid-range and good bass and treble response, the most unique feature of the Eagle II banjo is that it is suitable to all styles of banjo playing such as bluegrass, clawhammer, jazz, Irish, among others."

Comes with original Deering hard shell case, also in excellent condition.

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Price: $1,550.00 USD

Shipping: Paid by buyer

Posted By: ics

United States, Encino, CA, 91436

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Excellent Condition

Type: 5-String Openback

Brand: Deering

Ad Status: Active, #94694

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