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For Sale: 1977 LEFTY Stelling Starflower Archtop






Itís a long story, but I broke my picking hand and canít pick to speed righty, so learned to play left handed. I could not get past a plateau and fret real well with my right hand, so gave up and switched back to righty clawhammer.

For sale is a left handed 1977 Stelling Starflower (SN 628) Archtop, mahagony. The truss rod cover, head, bridge and case are not original. It had a sliding 5th capo on it, but I took it to Richie Dotson and had him take it off, put spikes back in and plug the screw holes in the binding. It looks and plays great, with no fret wear. The tone and volume is crazy on it, in my opinion at least. It shows a little use, as evident in some small bumps etc, but nothing unusual for a 45yo banjo.

Iíd much rather this banjo be sold locally, cash pickup. I am 30 minutes north of Richmond.

The original owner of this Stelling Starflower is a member here also, and reached out to me. He sold it to Elderly, which is where I bought it. I am the 2nd owner. If there is a desire for more information, specific pictures, history of banjo, or discussion of shipping/payment, or an offer, please reach out. I didnít make this a or Trade, but I am looking for a right handed Chuck Lee fretless (Thatís a long shot!).

Interested in buying this banjo?
to arrange purchase

Price: $2,500.00 USD

Shipping: Local pickup. Would discuss shipping

Posted By: JollyRogers

United States, Ruther Glen, VA,

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Very Good Condition

Type: 5-String Resonator

Brand: Stelling

Ad Status: Active, #94680

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