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For Sale: Magic Fluke Co. Firefly 5-String Banjo, 2022 like NEW, short A scale, nylon strings, Gator case











For sale short scale Magic Fluke Firefly 5 string banjo, made in USA.

I bought the banjo at the beginning of the year from the European distributor. I paid exactly 834 EUR (715 EUR for the banjo and 119 EUR for the Gator case). You won't buy it cheaper in the European Union.

It is in perfect, MINT condition with no signs of use. I only played it a few times. Probably some of the instruments described as new were in fact played more often in the store than this one was.

Please note that this banjo includes two extra-paid options:

- Peghed Geared Tuners (+99 USD)

- Side Fret Markers (+15 USD)

The price of the banjo on the Magic Fluke website is 639 USD (about 620 EUR). However when buying directly from them you need to add a very expensive shipping cost to Europe (about 100 EUR) and 20-30% for taxes and duties. So for the banjo alone you would have to pay 850-950 EUR. That is why I bought it from the European distributor, it was much cheaper.

The set includes a perfectly fitted Gator Deluxe Journeyman case. Its interior has been slightly redone to perfectly match firefly banjo. You won’t find a better hard case for this guitar!

The banjo will be better prepared for shipment than it would be if you bought it from any other store. I have bought guitars many times from reputable European stores and I know that their packing is pathetic.

It is a super fun and very comfortable instrument. I was going to start banjo lessons, but for private reasons, it just didn't work out.

Short note about the banjo:

The Magic Fluke Co. Firefly 5-String Banjo is an A-scale nylon string banjo with a unique internally tunable design, an 8" Remo head, and steel tone ring. It incorporates a coordinator rod for neck angle adjustments. A nice travel instrument, and a good option for uke players looking to move into 5-string banjo.

Solid hard maple neck and fingerboard
Laminated maple pot
Adjustable coordinator rod to adjust neck angle
Unique internally tunable design
8" Remo head
Steel tone ring
19" A-Scale (A. E, A, C#, E)
18 Frets
Peghed Geared Tuners
Side Fret Markers
Nylon Strings
Overall length 28"
Rim diameter 9.75"
Weight 2 lbs
Made in the USA

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to arrange purchase

Price: €600.00 EUR ($611.04 USD)

Shipping: 25 EUR within the European Union, please contact for pricing to other destinations

Posted By: tomaszkudelski


Condition of Banjo:
Used - Mint Condition

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Type: 5-String Openback

Brand: Magic Fluke

Ad Status: Active, #94262

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