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For Sale: Crafters of Tennessee Banjo TNWD (Walnut, Deluxe) Serial Number 170104 (2004) (expired)

Walnut resonator
Mahogany neck
Ebony peghead and fingerboard
Tennessee signature block at the 21st fret
Tennessee 20 tone ring
3-ply eastern hard rock maple rim
Gold plated hardware
Snuffy Smith bridge
Presto tailpiece
Genuine nitrocellulose natural finish
Railroad spikes at 7th, 8th and 9th frets

I love this banjo. Unfortunately, I moved into an apartment, and it is simply too loud. When you hear guitar players worry about banjos, this is the one they worry about. You don't have to play it loud, but if you want to (and you will, sometimes), this sucker packs a punch. It is heavy, it is crisp, and it is a joy to play. I seriously thought about not moving so I could keep it.

I just had a brand new head put on it, the action adjusted, the bridge adjusted, new strings. It looks great. The original case, and all latches, work perfectly. The banjo has been played, but it has been taken care of and always kept in its case (when not being played).

If you want a high-end banjo that has everything people say about a truly great Crafters of Tennessee product, you've found it. And at a reasonable price. My guess is that you cannot find one that sounds this good at this price anywhere else (and I've looked).

Price: $3,150.00 USD

Posted By: hopesoap

United States, Dayton, OH,

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Very Good Condition

Type: Other

Brand: Crafters of Tennessee

Ad Status: Expired, #94127

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