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For Sale: Late 1800's Flush Fret







Buckbee"? 1880 - 90's Flush Fret Banjo

Single spun nickel 10-7/8" OD rim with single-ply maple rim liner, 16 brackets w/ bent style hooks and large ball shoes (all nickel hardware is in excellent condition), Brazilian rosewood tailpiece, 25 1/8" scale flush fret walnut neck with wide multi veneer flush inlaid fret markers. Brazilian rosewood peghead and fingerboard overlay veneers, rosewood friction pegs, Hide head (stable with small reinforced repair) Currently set up with nylon Minstrel strings and tuned low, 1/2" Grover bridge. 1 5/16" wide at the nut and 2 1/16" wide at the heel. "Dobson" style heel profile. Great fun to play, wide flush fret markers make fretting easy. Not a banjo for big jams but a warm one that makes you grab it at home when just sitting around. Selling it for my father, it is one of his long time pet banjos, but he is thinning the herd a little so here it is. If it doesn't sell, he won't be upset. Very playable, but again, has always been tuned to a lower pitch. The banjo will be well packed and shipped in a poor condition chipboard case just for extra protection within a shipping box. You will probably want to pitch the chipboard case immediately upon arrival... Asking $575 plus accual shipping.

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Price: $575.00 USD

Shipping: Plus Actual Shipping

Posted By: Russell Carson

United States, Nashville, TN,

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Very Good Condition

Type: 5-String Openback

Brand: Unmarked

Ad Status: Active, #93030

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