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For Sale: Charles Waldman 12 inch Open back #109






Beautiful Charles Waldman 12 inch rim Banjo 109 made by Chuck out of local materials from his area! Douglas Fir neck and rim(with integral tone ring), Claro Walnut peghead,fingerboard,rim cap,and tailpiece.

Super warm yet punchy tone with present set up. Nylgut Red’s ,Renaissance head and Chucks bridge.

This is a special instrument as it is a “transitional” kind of prototype model and not one of Chucks regular production Models such as the Wood-o-phone or the Chromatic. Although it has a similar integral tone ring to the Chromatic.

If you have heard about Chucks banjos you know they have a reputation for fantastic tone. Here’s your chance to get a rare instrument from a maker who does not have a huge output.

I have put a link to a clip of this banjo played on YouTube in the “More Info URL”.
I can provide sound files on request.

Neck is carbon fiber reinforced and heat treated.You can use steel strings.
1 3/8 Nut.
Scale length is 25 5/8
Rim depth 3 1/4. (1/4 inch thick)

Gotoh tuners.
Waldman bridge.
Wire armrest I added.

I consider it excellent and not mint because of very minor indentations on wood tailpiece from me standing it on the floor. Besides that it’s mint. I bought it from Gryphon Strings about 1 1/2 years ago.


Thanks for looking and please reach out with any questions or requests.

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Price: $1,250.00 USD

Shipping: Exact shipping TBD

Posted By: Banjolution

United States, Madison Heights, VA, 24572

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Excellent Condition

More Info on this Banjo

Type: 5-String Openback

Brand: Waldman

Ad Status: Active, #92784

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