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For Sale or Trade: Martin 0015 M Acoustic







I bought this Martin 0015 M and the designer stand brand new a couple of months ago from Joe Caruso at The Music Emporium. The truth is, the action is the best Iíve ever felt for any acoustic guitar. So easy to play. Any way, I paid just over $1500.00 for the set. The guitar, case and stand are all in brand new MINT condition. These guitars are set up to perfection at the Martin factory with the Plex machine and you wonít find a better playing guitar anywhere. Light as a feather and sounds awesome click on the photos for a better view with the details or check it out on line at The Music Emporium. Everything is brand new FACTORY MINT Perfect. There are plenty of rave reviews and sound samples on you tube as well. Its a killer set.

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Price: $1,100.00 USD

Shipping: actual cost

Posted By: Danny D

United States, Woodstock, GA, 30188

Condition of Banjo:

Type: 5-String Openback


Ad Status: Active, #92446

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