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For Sale or Trade: Gold Tone IT-250 Tenor Banjo



Selling / Trading my Gold Tone It-250. It's an "Irish" banjo that I have set up for Jazz. I broke my elbow and was having problems with tremelos so wanted to try a 17 fret with low tension strings to see if I could get where I needed to be. I'm now ready to try a 19 fret instrument.

No blemishes I can find, comes in a TKL hard case. Neck's great. Has a nice sweet sound when I play folk music on it. Also, I bought the Gold Tone resonator hardware kit (you can see it on the coordinator rod on the back). I have a homemade modified resonator that I made for it that will go with it if you're a person who wants a resonator. I can keep it strung for Jazz or restring it / bridge it for Irish.

Looking to trade for a 19fret tenor banjo with a tone ring. Not interested in vintage instruments, they have too many neck problems and I need low action. Something like a Gold Tone TS-250 or maybe a Deering Artisan with a tone ring (would add cash in this case). `

Will take better pictures / video today. Camera's charging.

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Price: $575.00 USD

Shipping: Will split shipping.

Posted By: nonfatmatt

United States, NM, 87124

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Excellent Condition

Type: 4-String

Brand: Gold Tone

Ad Status: Active, #90380

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