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For Sale: Mountain Banjo by Jason Michael






Mountain banjo made by Jason Michael.

Jason Michael is a West Virginia wood worker who has made only a few banjos.

I wanted the most authentic mountain banjo I could get. Jason delivered. I insisted upon groundhog hide for the head and stovepipe for the tone ring—oh, the sound that this combo creates. IMHO it ain’t a mountain banjo if it has a PVC pipe tone ring and nylgut string—sorry but yuck!

This one is strung with John Hartford low D strings which includes a wound third and fourth string—a MUST for mountain banjos if you ask me.

This one is loud and proud with a nasally,dulcimer-like, treble heavy tone that really sends chills up your spine. Murder ballads in modal D tuning are truly haunting.

I had this one made with a flush fret so I’d know where I was at down the neck and also a brass plate overlay to give it that blues like fretless tone.

No case but will pack and ship well

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Price: $425.00 USD

Shipping: Buyer pays actual

Posted By: revellfa

United States, Lavale, MD, 21502

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Mint Condition

Type: 5-String Openback

Brand: Jason Michael

Ad Status: Active, #89732

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