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For Sale: Left Hand Open Back Custom






Left handed, higher-end, open-back banjo. The pot has an 11” diameter by ¾” thick laminated StewMac maple rim, topped off with a Whyte Laydie style tone ring. It has a 24 notch brass tension hoop with the bracket shoes bolted through the rim. There are dual chrome plated adjusting rods. It features a walnut arm rest. The bridge is maple capped with ebony. All of this gives a solid, old time sound to your clawhammer playing. The head is an Elite brand with the following description from the manufacturer;

“The look of calfskin, without shrinkage. Original Elite head has bonded textured surface and a deep warm sound. Elite banjo heads feature a modern material with the feel and appearance of calfskin, for a warm old-time sound. They're a popular and practical alternative: no shrinkage or stretching due to humidity. 11" high crown.”

The neck and headstock have a high gloss finish. They both feature ornate mother of pearl inlays and position markers. The fifth string is spiked at the 7th ninth and tenth frets for easy capoing. The neck has a steel truss rod for any neck adjustment. The nut is bone. The pegs are 5 Star planetary tuners, including the 5th string. There is a manufacturing flaw in the neck above the 5th string. It has been repaired, but is visible to the player. It does not affect the sound or playability. I have enjoyed playing it for two years. This is about the best $450 banjo (left hand) that you will find.
The banjo was constructed by a local Michigan luthier, from very good quality components.
It includes a Gold Tone HSC. My price is $450.00 plus $100.00 shipping and insurance.

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Price: $450.00 USD

Shipping: $100.00

Posted By: GeorgeG

United States, Beulah, MI, 49617

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Excellent Condition

Type: 5-String Openback

Brand: Michigan Made Custom

Ad Status: Active, #89686

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