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For Sale: Banjo-Uke: MAXITONE/U-KING




Made in the 1920's (in Elkhart, IN, I think), this is the top model of a line of banjo-ukes, most of which bore a "Maxitone" or "U-King" mark, though this one has neither.

Nickel-plated brass body and resonator. There is a small dent in the rim of the flange, just below the tailpiece (see photo), which doesn't effect the fit of the resonator.

7" head, ~9" resonator OD.

"Concert" (stamped in the flange) is the model name, and does not refer to the size or scale-- it has a soprano (~12_15/16") scale.

I find the neck exceptionally comfortable: a generous 1_3/8" wide at the nut, but very slim (fretboard-to-back), with a silky-smooth satin oil finish.

Newer smooth-working friction tuners, thin goatskin head, and lightweight (LOUD) bridge. Neck has been refinished. Otherwise, all original as far as I know.

Included is a nicely padded, black nylon concert-uke-sized bag in near-new condition, which fits this instrument almost perfectly.

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Price: $250.00 USD

Shipping: actual shipping cost

Posted By: Dan Gellert

United States, Aiken, SC, 29801

Contact Info: Please contact me via the Banjo Hangout for any further info.

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Very Good Condition

Type: Other

Brand: Maxitone

Ad Status: Active, #89201

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