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For Sale: Bob Flesher Redneck Banjo









Still thinning the herd--too many instruments for a guy my age and capabilities. Up for sale is a Bob Flesher Redneck banjo bought new in 2016 and virtually unplayed.

Description from Bob Flesher's website:

For fun I took the traditional engraved griffin in the Vega and Fairbanks banjos of the turn of the century, put a
rebel hat on him, and gave him longer hair. I wanted him chewing tobaccer like traditional rednecks do but that
beak is just not made for spitting so I put a cigar in his mouth and named him the Redneck. Actually his proper
name is "Clyde" named after beautiful Clyde, North Carolina, down where the Dixie Cups grow and there's only
one cop on duty and he's actually a banjo picker.
The neck is made of straight grain maple with a hollow steel bar fitted tightly down the middle to prevent
forward bow, back bow and warpage and has an antique lacquer finish. The fingerboard and peghead overlay is
made of black ebony wood. There is a maple/black lamination under the fingerboard and peghead overlay. The
fingerboard has a 25.5 inch scale and is 1 3/16 inch wide at the nut and 2 inches wide at the rim. It is available
with or without a scoop. The back of the neck has a round bulbous heel, shaped after an old 1860's Dobson
banjo that I own, which gradually tapers down to a slim neck by the 7th fret and is very comfortable to play. It is
attached to the rim with a traditional squat dowel stick and neck brace. The neck has 5 geared tuners with black
buttons and a spike at the 7th fret for capoing the 5th string.
The 12 inch diameter rim is made of laminated maple with a rosewood tonering and rim cap and is three inches
deep for a deep bass tone. Between the rim cap and the maple rim is a black/maple/black wood banding to match
the neck. It has the antique lacquer finish like the neck. The tension hoop has a rounded outside edge with
notches for round hooks. This provides a comfortable corner with no need for an armrest. The rim has 26
brackets and a traditional "No Knot" tailpiece. All metal parts are nickel plated. It comes with your choice of a
Fiberskin or Renaissance head.
This banjo is a very quality instrument with a lot of class at a low price for the beginner or the advanced player.
I has a sweet bass tone and is very comfortable to play.

This instrument has an optional calfskin head and includes a hardshell case.

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Video can be seen at:

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Price: $2,400.00 USD

Shipping: Free Shipping

Posted By: ol5ndimer

United States, Morganton, NC,

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Mint Condition

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Type: 5-String Openback

Brand: Flesher

Ad Status: Active, #86794

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