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For Sale: 5-String Bushell Gourd Banjo w/Thompson+Odell Neck






This 5-String Bushell Gourd Banjo has a neck and tailpiece off an original Thompson and Odell "Artist Banjo" (serial number on dowell).
The neck was in rough condition when I got it and ultimately I decided to just put a coat of shellac over it and let it show its age. I added a fretless black walnut fingerboard and peghead overlay with a walnut and oak "necktie" accent above the nut which is also oak. Tuning pegs are handcarved walnut. The tailpiece was missing the riser pin but still fit well on the gourd so I just set it flush against the base. Head is tacked-on medium-thickness goatskin. Currently have a 1/2" bridge to compensate for natural sagging of the head in more recent humid weather, due to the larger size of this gourd, the head will naturally sag slightly more in wetter/more humid conditions. Strings are SuperNylgut with the Red 4th String. This banjo has a beautifully deep tone due to the size of the Bushell gourd, and sounds great when tuned a few steps below standard.

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Price: $600.00 USD

Shipping: Free hand delivery in NC or Southwest VA. Otherwise, $20

Posted By: KCPyleBanjoWorks

United States, Winston-Salem, NC, 27105

Contact Info: Contact K.C. Pyle (336)-831-5225 (text preferred) or DM on Instagram @kc_pyle_banjo_works

Condition of Banjo:

Type: Other

Brand: K.C. Pyle

Ad Status: Active, #86693

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