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For Sale: An unmarked 1800's 7 String Banjo possibly Dallas or London made.






This 1800's 7 string banjo has been preserved by me. It is
unmarked. It has some J.E. Dallas features and is probably
London built. All hooks have been replaced. the two middle
tuning pegs have been replaced with a close match. New
bridge and strings, otherwise all parts appear to be original.
Classical or claw hammer this instrument is beautifully built and
has a very nice tone. Included is a good quality late 50's early
60's hard shell case. This banjo has been totally dissembled, all
parts cleaned and lightly polished. Frets have be crowned and
polished and the fret board has been oiled. It is in fine playable
condition. The case covering has some bubbling here and there
but is still perfectly sound. It has a 24" long neck, 11 3/4" rim,
27 3/4" scale, 2 3/8" wide fret board at the rim with 30 hooks. If
you have any questions, feel free to ask. (PLEASE SEE VIDEO below for full photo set)

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Price: £350.00 GBP ($485.15 USD)

Shipping: $100 plus range to the USA, 30 range within the U.K.

Posted By: wannabe picker

United Kingdom

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Excellent Condition

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Type: Other

Brand: dallas

Ad Status: Active, #86304

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