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For Sale: Tranjo - clean, original, w silent head and amp * plus JD Crowe Red Slipper shirt! (sold)






Howdy banjo lovers. Here's a super clean walnut Tranjo made in the USA by Farris. I inherited this fine instrument a while back and just don't have a use for it. It includes the silent head, pick-up and small headphone amp as well. This banjo sounds good with the normal head, and is so quiet with the silent head on. It also sounds great thru an amp with some effects like delay, distortion and chorus - very fun and different!

I will also include a super cool and rare JD Crowe Red Slipper Holiday Inn T-Shirt. I have a few sizes of this T available.

I'm in Canada, but don't let shipping scare you. We connect with USPS and there is no duty with USA made items like this.

Also includes the nice soft case, and capo. Save over $400 from new price and no waiting.

Price: $695.00 USD

Posted By: bigshinytone

Canada, MB

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Excellent Condition

Type: 5-String Resonator

Brand: Tranjo

Ad Status: Sold, #86035

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