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For Sale: Circa 1870's 5 string banjo SOLD






This fretless 5 string banjo has been preserved by me having only been cleaned with damp cotton buds and Renaissance wax. I have only replaced the missing 2 pegs, bridge, tailpiece and added a set of gut strings. It has been through some changes in its life. It is about as original as one would hope to find. Very unusual are the bicycle spokes used for the hooks. I believe that this was a stage banjo due to the three rhinestones set into the neck along with a small brass shield and the hide being dyed black as could have been used in blackface performances and was certainly handmade. I feel it is a fairly early banjo, possibly 1870's. Discovered in Great Britton but may have come from America It will make a great addition to a museum or any serious collector. The last few photos are of the inside before being oiled with thinned boiled linseed oil to help preserve it. The neck measures 21 from rim to headstock. Total length is 33. The pot is 11 in diameter. The resonator is 12. Figure approximately 100 range for shipping to the USA. A thin canvass case is included. (PLEASE SEE VIDEO) and follow the Ebay UK link. Thanks, Bill

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Price: £300.00 GBP ($424.39 USD)

Posted By: wannabe picker

United Kingdom

Contact Info: Llansannan, Denbigh, Clywd , North Wales U.K.

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Good Condition

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Type: Other

Brand: Home grown

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