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For Sale: Stelling Crusader






The Crusader

Stellingís first mahogany model since 1978, the Crusader features a new peghead profile, a new script logo, and a longer scale (26.428 vs. 26.25). Features Ebony Fret Board, Straight Nut, Compensated Bridge, the Tony Pass 600TS Old Wood Rim and a deluxe TKL emerald green crushed velvet plush lined case.

Wood: Mahogany

Plating: Nickel

About the Tony Pass 600TS Old Wood Rim:

"This wood has been lying on the bottom of Lake Superior and other bodies of water for over 100 years and could have been hundreds of years old when it was cut down. After a special kiln drying process, this wood is in better than new condition (acoustically speaking) because of the age of the wood combined with the microbiological action to which it was subjected for so many years. Itís been said that Stradivarius took advantage of the same process for his violin wood, but for a much shorter time (perhaps only a few years). The result in a new (or even used) Stelling banjo is awesome. Itís been compared to prewar banjos in such a superior way for tone and volume that we now use these rims as standard equipment on all new Stellings."

This version of the Crusader, was made in 2004 along with many other prototypes and this one is in mint condition! No fret wear, no tarnish, no wood/varnish cracks, not a scratch. The mahogany wood gives this banjo a warm mellow tone and it rings with clarity and brightness but still carries that Stelling punch! With the Stelling case $4000 firm.

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Price: $4,000.00 USD

Shipping: It weighs 29 lbs

Posted By: RudyRalis

United States, Tucson, AZ, 85719

Contact Info: Cell phone (520) 954-2103

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Mint Condition

Type: 5-String Resonator

Brand: Stelling

Ad Status: Active, #85412

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