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For Sale or Trade: Stelling Sunflower 1987 (expired)






1987 Stelling Sunflower 5 string banjo.

In well played but good and well maintained condition.

Some wear to the lacquer on the heal and the back of the neck.

Was apparently once owned by Brendan Crocker of the Notting Hillbillies.

The neck and resonator are constructed from exquisite curly maple.

The finish is shaded, Cremona style “sunburst”, a staining process which highlights the quality of the wood used.

The plating is Nickel and it has an “Old Wood” Rim.

The patented bell brass tone ring fits perfectly on the wedge-fitted pot assembly. The resulting purity of tone and unrelenting power are unparalleled. This particular banjo is very loud and bright but with some nice mids and lows.

The tailpiece is Stelling’s patented “pivot-pin” design which ensures the strings are easily changed without having to thread any of them through a hole in the tailpiece because each string has its own access slot. The tailpiece is also completely adjustable six ways: up, down, left, right, in and out.

The ebony veneered peg face and rosewood fretboard feature real mother of Pearl inlays.

The bone nut is Stelling’s unique compensated nut that aids intonation by selectively notching the nut slots to different lengths, relative string distance from the nut to each fret is adjusted.

Bridge is a Kateyze Pegged Prowler.

Sale includes genuine Keith banjo tuners (an upgrade worth £250).

The banjo is fitted with 3 discreet capo spikes at the 7th, 9th & 10th frets.

Original Stelling case included.


Very special one off commissioned scale model of this banjo is also included in the sale.

Will consider part exchange for something half decent such as the following + cash.

High quality banjo (Gibson/Gold Star/Deering)

Fender USA Strat.

D10 Pedal steel guitar.

This banjo new, would set you back at least £4500 (as quoted on the Uk dealer website).

Will possibly ship, but with bank transfer only.

Cash or bank transfer on collection preferred.

Viewing not only recommended but encouraged and welcome.

Any viewing is subject to current restrictions and social distancing.

Listed on Reverb with more pictures.

Demo videos on the way.
Shipping costs quoted apply to UK mainland only.

Price: £2,900.00 GBP ($3,984.89 USD)

Shipping: Will ship within UK only. Message me for details.

Posted By: T1T2

United Kingdom

Contact Info: 07813766317

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Very Good Condition

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Type: 5-String Resonator

Brand: Stelling

Ad Status: Expired, #85320

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