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For Sale: Collection of Banjos (102 pcs)

Dear Banjo enthuiasts;

My mom and aunt have enheritaged my uncles banjo collection, containing 102 banjos, mainly from the US.
Unfortunately my uncle passed away a couple of years ago, and the family is now looking to sell this collection. From what we have heard there should be some quite rare banjos in the collection.

Preferably we would like to sell the whole lot to a collector or a banjo trader. Do you guys know of traders that could be interested in a big collection like that? Since the family has very little knowledge in the banjo area, it would be difficult for us to write descriptions on each item and then sell them one by one.

I have a list of the producers and model numbers of the whole lot, but right now I dont have pictures (the banjos are in Germany now, and I live in Denmark, and because of lockdown, I cant go to Germany at the moment to take pictures). As soon as we can travel again I will drive down there to take pics.

Would it be ok to post the whole lot here so people could give us a feedback and let us know if we have something of value? Or can any of you point me in a direction to where we can sell the collection? I know my uncle would have LOVE if a collector who appriciates the collection could get hands on it.

There are banjos from the following manufacturers:
Bacon & Day, Epiphone, Dobro, Este, Gibson, Leedy, Ludwig, National, Orpheum, Ome, Paramaount, Stromberg, Vega and Weymann.

If I have not followed the board rules with this post, I apoligize in advance

Kind regards Claus Svanholm, Denmark

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Price: $1.00 USD

Posted By: clausDK


Condition of Banjo:
Not Applicable/Unknown

Type: Other

Brand: ???

Ad Status: Active, #85234

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