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For Sale: 1923 Gibson Junior Tenor (expired)





I've been waffling over going from tenor to plectrum and I think I've finally made my decision. Up for sale is a 1923 Gibson Junior Tenor #11201A-28 - you can see the original thread where I was asking questions about it here:

I've since learned more about banjos and I like this one, but I broke my elbow and and the tension on tenor strings is too high for me to do effective tremolo over long gigs.

The good: surprisingly good action and neck for a 100 year old banjo. Neck is much straighter than I've seen on a lot of small tenors from the time period. Ready to play out of the box, can be adjusted (there's room for coordinator rod adjustment). Hide head might be original. Pot finish is really nice.

The not so good: a few chips, one noticeable on the neck, but not nearly as many as I've seen on other pictures of this particular model. 1 of the tuning pegs is bent, but I bought the banjo like this. Doesn't effect its function.

I had a hard time with value on this, I've seen these at luthiers for something like $900, but I've also seen those with a resonator go for $450 here. So, I'm assuming $350 (maybe $100 off is good for the resonator and armrest that apparently this one is missing). I'll split shipping half and half for whoever buys it I also have a chipboard case that might be original.

Price: $350.00 USD

Shipping: Buyer pays half of freight.

Posted By: nonfatmatt

United States, NM, 87124

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Good Condition

Type: 4-String

Brand: Gibson

Ad Status: Expired, #84728

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