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For Sale: johnson 5 string






banjo For sale 550.00. johnson 5 string,,maple rim, brass flat head tone ring , sounds great, johnson is the brand music link sold before coming out with the recording king brand. it has a custom snuffy bridge,, i swapped out the clam shell tailpiece for a adjustable presto (clamshell in the case) ,,that helped alot. i had john boulding go through it and set the action and rework the nut and truss rod, so now its a smooth as butter to play. its stout as anything,, super intermediate banjo or good enough for stage work too. it has one reso bolt missing at the arm rest bracket but does not effect it at all. comes with case. so if you want a very good sounding stout banjo for a fraction of the cost of a pre war this is it. 525 is a very good price for all that it is and how it sounds,, between the tail piece, bridge and set up thats a free 100 dollars in stuff. guitar killer and great tone. CHRISTMAS TIMES A COMING !!!

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Price: $525.00 USD

Shipping: local pick up only

Posted By: 1935tb-11

United States, belews creek, NC, 27009

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Excellent Condition

Type: 5-String Resonator

Brand: Johnson

Ad Status: Active, #83825

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