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For Sale or Trade: FSOT: Tunbridgeware Minstrel banjo with case








1850-1870's Tunbridgeware Minstrel Banjo with case Museum quality.

Trades: Looking for a Hartel Levi Brown Banjo, SS Stewart or ODE wood rim openback/early prebaldwin ODE

Literally, this was purchased from a seller in Australia who was liquidating an estate and this banjo was part of a museum display. I have not been able to track much information on the museum. But this banjo came to me with another head that was painted and that i will include. It had a small tear and so i opted to save the original and install a new calf head from elderly.

It has a few pieces of hardware added from the museum which allowed them to string the banjo up for the display. I removed one piece that was in the backside of the headstock but the piece on the pot remains. It comes with an antique case, which is not the best fit. But i am including it to keep this as original as it was purchased. I did remove the painted head and installed a calf head on it. I also fabricated a rosewood tailpiece and it's attached with copper wire. I have been playing it as a 5 string. It has a deep loud sound.

Hardware is brass and appears original. There was some discussion the tension hoop could be a replacement. I posted this on The Banjo Hangout and so there is a thread on it. I am only selling as there is a fretless Hartel banjo on my wishlist and so selling this to fund it.

The inlay is from Royal Tunbridge Wells in the UK. The Tunbridgeware art is very collectable and the banjos are quite rare. The neck is straight.

Moreninfo can be read here:

Please let me know if i can answer any questions for you. Smoke free home. Case is old and has a slightly musty smell which should air out

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Price: $1,500.00 USD

Shipping: 100

Posted By: jun3machina

United States, CA,

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Good Condition

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Type: Other

Brand: Tunbridge Ware

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