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For Sale: Bacon Symphonie tenor banjo (expired)






A unique Bacon Symphonie Silver Bell (as marked on the peg head) tenor. This banjo has white pearloid body and resonator Pyralin, unlike most Symphonies which have graduated white/yellowish to dark reddish. The matching serial numbers are both 32041. Many Symphonies have fleur de lis flanges - this one has f-holes. The tuners are Page E with small shafts, also seen in 1930s banjos.

It has a working Knee Mute Pedal (marked "PAT APR 14 1931 B&D SOFT PEDAL), Tensionator tailpiece (not Oettinger - but the original dowel stick ball is there), and gold plating in very good condition (all bright except the tension hoop which is satin gold). The fret markers each have a tiny jewel in them.

The neck is straight and the frets very good. The banjo comes with a new cloudy head on it - its tone has good volume and is very sweet and full. It comes with an original case in good condition.

The tuners have very minor wear on the gold plating. The banjo doesn't have a gold armrest, but I'll include a mint Bacon nickel one with it. Please ask for more photos if desired.

Price: $1,600.00 USD

Shipping: 75

Posted By: ocarina-man

United States, Long Beach, CA, 90803

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Excellent Condition

Type: 4-String

Brand: Bacon

Ad Status: Expired, #79775

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