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For Sale: Clifford Essex circa 1920 (expired)






Clifford Essex circa 1920. Very original banjo in same family since new. Handed down through the family to me. I can't have never played it in 20 years. Its a simple instrument. When I first received it I brought it into Walton in Dublin to have a new skin put on it. They fitted it with a new bridge, but I have the original!! Also carried out some work on the frets. All done by a master babjo man in Galway. Cost then IR 450.00. It has the usual decoration, mother of pearl etc. and the instrument is in excellent condition even though the original case is a bit tatty at this stage. Clearly I am no expert but I will help if I can anyone interested. I think its a Classic but not certain. The shaft is perfect. It has steel strings fitted but I think the original were gut. Anyway a new home for this would be a good thing as its just sitting here in our parlour for ever ??

Price: €1,250.00 EUR ($1,454.22 USD)

Shipping: To be agreed

Posted By: Liam Young


Contact Info: All enquiries through site, thank you.

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Excellent Condition

Type: 5-String Openback

Brand: Clifford Essex

Ad Status: Expired, #78857

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