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For Sale: 1918 Orpheum #1 5-string banjo for sale! (expired)






Hello everybody, I'm Deke Dickerson and here's my first posting on Banjo Hangout. I may be a new name here but google my name, I've been around for years and have sold on ebay for 20+ years under the seller ID eccofonic, with 1885 items sold and 100% positive feedback. This is a 1918 Orpheum (made by Rettberg and Lange) Number 1 Five-String banjo, in what appears to be pretty nice all-original condition. It even appears to have its original Joseph Rogers calfskin head on it! Comes with the original case too. Please study the photos because what you see is exactly what you'll get. This was strung up when I got it but I think the tuners will need some working in to get them back into good working condition. There are some playing divots on the fretboard. The "Orpheum" plastic badge on the inside of the hoop is missing. The dowel is double stamped with two serial numbers, but both serial numbers (06592 and 06603) place it within the 1918 timeframe based on the Banjo hangout dating chart. Neck seems straight. It's in really nice condition for a 101-year old banjo! I'm pricing it cheaper than any other examples I've seen listed online, because I want to sell it, not look at it. PM me if interested, first come first served! Buyer pays actual shipping costs (USA ONLY--generally 50-100 dollars UPS depending on where you live). Sold strictly as-is, no returns, so please study the photos and email me with any questions you might have before pulling the trigger. Thank you and let me know if you're interested! (also, if anyone has any info that corrects the description I've written here, let me know)

Price: $1,000.00 USD

Shipping: actual shipping cost via UPS

Posted By: Deke Dickerson

United States, Los Angeles, CA, 91343

Contact Info: 818-554-1080

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Excellent Condition

Type: 5-String Openback

Brand: Orpheum

Ad Status: Expired, #78801

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