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For Sale: Kyle Smith Gold Plated Legend 5 String Banjo






For sale is a Kyle Smith Gold plated Legend 5 String Banjo. If your not familiar with Kyle Smith’s work, you can search out Kyle Smith set ups, Kyle Smith luthier, etc. He is an extremely reputable banjo luthier. I can’t say with confidence when this banjo was made but it is in excellent condition. It plays about as easy as they get and the 4th string has a great solid growl without being tubby sounding. It will certainly make you stand up and take notice. I believe all the hardware is Prucha. The wood rim is a Tony Pass “Lost Timber” 500TS. The Tone Ring is an early 20 hole Tennessee 20 Flat Head. The banjo stays clear all the way up the neck and has volume to spare. Gold plating is very good with only the armrest showing the slightest wear. The wood choice for the neck and resonator is beautifully figured maple. The color is dark walnut. Finish has been removed on the back of the neck for playing ease. The nut and 5th String nut are both cut from pearl. Tuners have the cream colored grained Ivoriod buttons. The gold Prucha Tail Piece Cover is missing. Frets are large with a nice crown and not much wear. Comes with a Tweed Hard Case.
All in all, a great playing and excellent bluegrass sounding banjo at an affordable price.
Don’t hesitate to ask questions or shoot me an offer.
Thank you,

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Price: $1,890.00 USD

Shipping: $65.00

Posted By: ozarkmando

United States, 36 Juanita Dr., Hillsboro, MO, 63050

Contact Info: 314 422 5129

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Excellent Condition

Type: 5-String Resonator

Brand: custom built

Ad Status: Active, #74504

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