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For Sale: 1976 Stelling Bellflower #191 (expired)






I am selling my late husband’s 1976 Stelling Bellflower #191 Banjo. Includes the original Stelling Hard shell case.

Made in California in Stelling’s early years. This is a nice example of a vintage Stelling 5 string banjo made of Japanese birch in a light blonde color. This is when Stelling was still putting the dot above each inlayed flower. Something that was discontinued on later model Bellflowers. I also remembered the banjo has four Keith D-tuners, a little unusual. I have information and detailed paperwork on the "Bart" banjo bridge.

I have the full history of the banjo being sold by Chris Warner at his String Shop in Hanover, PA. Along with additional background information including an "in person" shop visit to Stelling in 2001 with photos.

I have added some photos taken on 1/6/2019. This is the first time the case has been open in nearly 5 years. There is some mild tarnish but other then that the banjo is 100% gig ready.

You can read the history on the banjo at my blog, Bass Monkey Workshop or visit my website


In past I collected and document vintage upright basses as a hobby so I am familiar with instruments and can provide accurate descriptions. If you are seriously interested in the banjo and would like a master luthiers opinion, Mike Munford is a neighbor and friend. I would gladly take the banjo to his workshop for review at the buyers expense.

Shipping arrangements can be discussed at the time of sale. I do have a Gary Price flight case that can be used for shipping. Again all of this can be determined when instrument is sold.

I will be listing the 1983 Stanleytone # 9 after the sale of the Stelling is completed.

Thank you for is time for this banjo to make joyful music again!

Price: $4,200.00 USD

Shipping: Paid by buyer

Posted By: Mollykay

United States, New Park , PA, 17352

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Very Good Condition

More Info on this Banjo

Type: 5-String Resonator

Brand: Stelling

Ad Status: Expired, #73015

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