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For Sale or Trade: Nechville Phantom 5 string Banjo with Case. (expired)






Nechville Phantom 5 string Banjo. Includes hardshell case. CALL TODAY 404-372-5482


Nechville Phantom 5 string banjo. This features a “phantom” 5th string that goes through the inside of the neck. This prevents the 5th string tuner from getting in your way. Nechville banjos feature innovative designs that are attractive and sound great. This is the next generation of banjo and could be calling your name.



This has a maple neck and resonator with a rosewood fretboard. This features the Nechville Heli-mount system. This is a frame that allows for simple, quick, easy and precise adjustments. This Heli Mount is black and is very attractive. The reason this banjo is the phantom is because of a hidden tunnel for the 5th string that removes the 5th string peg. This makes it easier to play the 5th string without the 5th string tuner getting in the way.


All of the wood is clean and glowing. The hardware is also clean. This Nechville Phantom is not a mint banjo but it is in superb condition. The fretboard is also in great shape. The frets themselves are fat and round. Only the first few frets show even a hint of wear. There are spikes at the 7th-10th frets. The banjo is in great shape and was well taken care of.

Sound and Playability

The Nechville banjos have their own unique sound. This has a great bluegrass twang that is not too harsh. The maple does a good job of mellowing the sound. The banjo is not too loud but has a good volume. Functionally it is exceptional. All of our banjos are professionally set up. This leads to low action with no buzzing and perfect intonation. This has a great sound and is a joy to play.


All of our sales include Free Shipping. We set up all of our banjos before shipping. All of our sales include a 7 day Full Satisfaction Guarantee. We also ship worldwide.


We take all major credit cards, paypal, cash, check or money order. Please call 404-372-5482 if you are not using paypal. You can visit us anytime, we are 5 minutes from the Atlanta airport. Thanks!!!- Geoff Hohwald’s Banjo Warehouse.


Price: $2,499.00 USD


Posted By: Banjowarehouse_com

United States, 2947 East Point Street East Point GA 30344, East Point, GA, 30344

Contact Info: Banjo Warehouse
2947 East Point Street
East Point GA 30344

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Excellent Condition

More Info on this Banjo

Type: 5-String Resonator

Brand: Nechville

Ad Status: Expired, #72792

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