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For Sale: 1928 Gibson Granada Archtop 5 string Banjo BANJO






1928 Gibson Granada 5 string conversion banjo with a new Superior hardshell case. This is definitely a fantastic pre war Gibson banjo that has been fully inspected and set up and includes our Full Satisfaction Guarantee.

1928 Gibson Granada

This is an all original raised head Granada with the exception of the thumb screws and the neck. The neck was made by Bill Sullivan who made over 17,000 necks for Gibson and is maple with rosewood and Hearts and Flowers. The hardware is aged and the wood definitely shows signs of wear but is overall in good shape, especially for the age. There are a few small holes drilled into the shell and tone ring because people used to put lights into these banjos but they are tiny and a lot of people would miss them altogether. The metal is showing age but still looks great!!! This is an old banjo but has no functional issues and is in overall good condition. The banjo is set up to play!!! This is that classic Granada sound.

The neck is in great shape and the frets show basically no wear and there are no spikes installed either. This is definitely a pre war banjo with mojo but is also definitely in good shape even with the age and wear.

This also includes a new Superior hardshell case. These old Granada Banjos are super desirable and rare. This is a great example of a 2 piece flange pre war Gibson Granada banjo. We have this set up and this has zero functional issues and sounds incredible.

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Price: $8,999.00 USD

Shipping: UPS

Posted By: silascycles

United States, Dallas, TX,

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Excellent Condition

Type: Other

Brand: 1928 Gibson Style 2

Ad Status: Active, #72492

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