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For Sale: Goldtone TS-250AT Tenor Banjo






Goldtone Tenor Banjo: Mint condition, Tree-of-Life neck inlay, 19 frets, arch-top tone ring, chrome plated. Great sounding and playing banjo. The neck also is easy to finger and play. The banjo has a new clear head on it and a Farquhar bridge, (the best). The plastic nut has been replaced with bone, and the pegs have been replaced with Gotohs - the plastic nut and original pegs were of poor quality - plastic fell apart, and the peg construction failed on one in just a few months. I also replaced the tailpiece with an adjustable one, The original 'looked' adjustable but was not. Otherwise, the banjo is wonderful and has no problems or weaknesses. All told, about $200 put in the banjo extra. The one visual flaw, from the factory, (and this is their Grade A banjo), are the small foundry spots that you can now see between the arches on the tone ring. It must have dripped a little on the plating and removed it. Not very noticeable and does not interfere with anything. Would never have been noticed without the clear head - I wanted a clear one for a little more 'snap' in the sound. Comes with an excellent hard shell case. Shipping is pretty expensive today, but the total cost of this instrument is still several hundred lower than a new one which would still need the above parts replaced. Any questions - feel free to ask.

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Price: $750.00 USD

Posted By: bobpricebanjo

United States, Port Charlotte, FL, 33980

Contact Info: Bob Price - located in FL (941) 661-2836

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Mint Condition

Type: 4-String

Brand: Goldtone

Ad Status: Active, #71676

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