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This is a 5-string Belton Resonator Banjo that has been in my family for 60+ years. It was made in Chicago in the 1930's. Though not sure of this particular one, many of this model of Beltons were made by the famed CF Martin Guitar Company. This banjo is in excellent condition for it's age and is perfectly playable. Has original goat skin head on it, with no cracks whatsoever. The resonator plate on the back of the pot amplifies the sound so much, it's often used by Bluegrass finger pickers with no need for an amplifier. With a little cleaning and TLC, this would make a fine banjo for playing, or adding to your collection. Though the price of this banjo was estimated by one professional, legendary string shop, and two collectors at the price I'm asking, I do want to sell it and will at least consider any REASONABLE offers. I am fair and honest, and expect the same in return. I'm providing fairly detailed photos, but if you wish other detailed photos not shown, I'm happy to provide on request, along with any questions you might have. I have way more nice photos I can send directly (if allowed) beyond the 5-photo limit. Thanks for considering this beautiful instrument, for which I hope to find a good home. Best, Jay...

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Price: $300.00 USD

Shipping: Shipping paid BY BUYER @ exact cost, no markup for my time to ship, insurance up to buyer

Posted By: JKS258

United States, Greensboro, NC, 27408

Contact Info: Please use Hangouts Private Message System. Thank you...

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Very Good Condition

Type: 5-String Resonator

Brand: Beltone

Ad Status: Active, #71354

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