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For Sale: 1975 Ome Juggernaut 1






The Juggernaut I is characterized by its distinctive scroll inlay pattern and liberal use of mother-of-pearl. The ebony fingerboard, peghead and heelcap overlay are all bound with simulated ivory and the rim is capped in black. The resonator features ivory-black-ivory binding and two contrasting wood purfling rings inlayed to match the centerstrips in the hand shaped laminated neck. Wood made from rich walnut with highly polished nickle plated parts.

Every OME banjo takes several months in the making and each receives countless hours of personal care and attention. Knowledgeable use of quality materials, precision machining and careful hand polishing have given OME the reputation for creating the finest banjos available.

A high quality laquer, hand sanded between coats, then polished to a brilliant sheen, protects and enhances the beauty of this banjo. Permanently sealed and lubricated geared tuning pegs, geared 5th peg , a hard shell plush lined case and a Lifetime Warranty are standard on all OME banjos.

It is serial # 1325. OME's top-end bluegrass banjo back in the mid 1970's, the Juggernaut featured maple neck and resonator, silverspun tone ring, two-piece flange and hooks-and-shoes fasteners.

The instrument is in beautiful condition with all original parts except for a new tone ring installed by Ome in 2015. Rarely played so there is no "buckle rash" on the back. I am the original owner and purchased it in mid 70's.

A warmer sounding instrument than most, OME bluegrass banjos are lovely and musical, and often find favor with bluegrass, and newgrass inspired instrumentalists.

If you can find one they are priced over $3500 for an original, non repaired banjo. Mine is $2995OBO.

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Price: $2,895.00 USD

Shipping: At cost

Posted By: whobgood

United States, Harrisburg, NC, 28075

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Excellent Condition

Type: 5-String Resonator

Brand: Ome juggernaut

Ad Status: Active, #69853

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