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For Sale: Gretch American Orchestrella 1927, 19 fret, tenor banjo







Rare, nice tenor banjo. Ready to play. Waiting to be played. Has been oversprayed on the resonator and the headstock, and the neck heel has been repaired as can be seen in the picture where the neck attaches to the body. The two different colour patinas show the repair easily, and it is very stable and secure. It looks exactly the same as when my buddy purchased it. Tunes and plays real well. Not many left. This banjo is like a museum piece and needs a good home.

I am sending these babies on a one way trip to a new home, hopefully where they will be loved and played. The banjos to the best of my knowledge are as described, I will take them out, strum them, tune them and strum them, take the resonator off, and check the numbers, send pictures, before insured shipping. It has its own very old but very functional case.

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Price: $900.00 CAD ($675.86 USD)

Shipping: $140.00 CAN insured shipping Lower 48, Canada. $325 CAN insured shipping to UK. Must be verified.

Posted By: laingr

Canada, ON

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Good Condition

Type: 4-String

Brand: Gretsch

Ad Status: Active, #69743

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