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For Sale: 1920s S.S. Stewart Wondertone 5 String Banjo






A rare and terrifically versatile 5-string banjo — one that easily bridges the gap between the articulation of a bluegrass banjo and the dulcet tones of a clawhammer instrument. It can easily be played as an open back for a traditional sound, or with the resonator attached for that true mountain tone.

Manufactured by Rettberg & Lange, under the S.S. Stewart name, this instrument features a mahogany neck and arch top tone ring construction. The resonator is highly ornate, with a wide inner ring of pearloid decorated with engraved flowers. The fretboard has wonderful engraved pearloid inlays as well. This motif is carried over to the peg head where the engraved pearled features the "S.S. Stewart Wondertone” banner. All metal parts are nickel plated and original, save for the tuning machines which have been upgraded to a modern planetary style. The action is low and very comfortable for a bluegrass style player, with minimal fret wear. This banjo is in remarkable condition, with only a very small replaced piece in the peg head veneer. All in all, this unique piece offers a terrific choice for a collector or player who plays both clawhammer and three finger picking style.

$1850.00 with later hard shell case.

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Price: $1,850.00 USD

Posted By: banjokid1

United States, Port Ludlow, WA, 98365

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Very Good Condition

Type: 5-String Resonator

Brand: SS Stewart

Ad Status: Active, #69600

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