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For Sale: Rare 1903 A.C. Fairbanks "Whyte Laydie" #2 (Pre-Fire) (expired)


Velour-lined Case




Serial #22451


Authentic A.C. Fairbanks Badge


Back View


Brackets/Heel--Note the repaired crack on the heel




Headstock--Note small crack on left hand side


Frontal View


Frontal View in Case

The A.C. Fairbanks "Whyte Laydie" is arguably one of the highest quality open-back banjos ever produced. This 1903 #2 model (serial #22451) was manufactured before the infamous 1904 A.C Fairbanks factory fire, making it extremely rare and highly sought after by banjo musicians, collectors and enthusiasts.

This antique instrument is in excellent condition for its age, having only minor cosmetic defects. The heel has a noticeable--but well repaired--crack, while the headstock has a slight crack on the left side. Both of these blemishes are evidenced in the photos. Aside from these defects, the body is in pristine condition, and the brackets show little to no signs of rust or corrosion.

Included with this banjo is a hard shell case with green velour lining (pictured), along with the shoulder strap & a bag of pics, tuners, sponges and other accessories. Instrument stand not included.

My late father played this banjo daily--it's sound is rich and beautiful. I hope that it can find a home with someone who will appreciate it as much as he did.

All reasonable offers will be considered.

Price: $5,000.00 USD

Shipping: Buyer pays shipping costs.

Posted By: bbrown1369

United States, Tehachapi, CA, 93561

Contact Info: For additional information, call Ben at (718) 877-8527.

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Very Good Condition

Type: 5-String Openback

Brand: Fairbanks

Ad Status: Expired, #53052

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