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For Sale: Hopkins Mahogany 5-String 2005






Made in the year 2005. Serial number is 3059-1. Quilted mahogany resonator, new Hopkins bridge. Set up recently by Paul and nothing has been changed. This is the same model banjo played by Janice Martin so there might be some of the lady banjo players interested in this model. It has the Tony Pass Lost Timber rim and a Shubb 5th string capo ( I removed the capo and discovered that the previous owner tried more than once to install this capo but the holes are covered by the capo itself). "D" tuners have been removed so they are not available. I will include the leather Levi strap. The TKL case is in very good shape. This banjo cost a little over $4,000 new. Asking $2,800 OBO plus shipping and ins. I will split the cost of shipping with buyer. These Hopkins banjos are not for sale very often and I had a hard time deciding to sell this one. I will be glad to send anyone more pics via cell phone. Thanks for looking.

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Price: $2,800.00 USD

Shipping: Shipping paid for by buyer.

Posted By: banjobibleman

United States, Lucedale, MS, 39452

Contact Info: Email me or call 251-605-9326 with any questions you may have.

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Excellent Condition

Type: 5-String Resonator

Brand: Hopkins

Ad Status: Active, #37683

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