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For Sale: Louzee Walnut/Chrome (expired)




Pot Side


Neck to Pot





Update: This is now on E-bay here: I will happily end the auction if someone on the Hangout wants to buy it.

This is a very difficult thing to do. I am selling the best banjo I have ever owned, or played. The only reason I'm selling it, is because I need the money. My desire is to own another one someday. But, I have to take care of my family first.

I got this banjo from Morgan Music the summer of 2010. I am the second owner. It is in excellent used condition. There is one tiny wear mark on the second fret, third string. It was there when I got it. The rest of the frets are perfect. It has two small marks on the treble side of the neck. The back of the resonator is lightly scratched. They are the sort of scratches that the plastic buttons on your shirt would put in. The peg head has marks on it from a clamp on D-tuner. All of the marks were on it when I bought it, and could be easily polished out if desired. This banjo was used, but not beat on.

This banjo was dressed, tuned and spiffed up by Paul Hopkins, fall of 2009. He has the records on file if you want to check. If you take away the slightly less than perfect finish, this is every bit as fantastic as a new Louzee.

It currently has a very nice velum finished hide head on it. I have become a convert... I will also throw in, or put back on, the original Remo head.

The photos are the ones I downloaded from Morgan Music in 2010. I can take more detailed photos if anyone needs them.

I would also be interested in trading way down, plus cash. I can't go through life without a banjo!

My banjo, before this one, was a brand new Deering GDL. I can honestly say that this Louzee blows the doors off the Deering, and it wasn't any slouch.

The original TKL case is included. Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Update: There have been a few contact failures through the Hangout system. You can e-mail directly to: or call my cell at 231-838-4120

Price: $3,150.00 USD

Shipping: Shipping Included in the Continental USA. Overseas at actual cost.

Posted By: Tim Zowada

United States, Boyne Falls, MI, 49713

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Excellent Condition

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Type: 5-String Resonator

Brand: LouZee

Ad Status: Expired, #30573

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