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For Sale: Orpheum/Paramount-Lange “parts” banjo (sold)














Orpheum/Paramount-Lange “parts” banjo

724833 stamped inside pot

Appears to be an Orpheum #1 pot (nice birdseye) with a Paramount tenor neck (perhaps a reproduction).
(At some point, someone wrote note/chord names on paper over the neck with a ballpoint leaving a light impression in places on the neck – not a big deal, no ink or anything.)

Was likely originally a five string converted to a tenor.

Six string tailpiece is not original. Should have had a no-knot.

I installed a new Fiberskyn head (a custom order due to the 12 3/16 size).

This makes a funky tenor as it is, but would also make a great 5 string conversion.

I will include an OK HSC.

Collector's Corner
ARCHIVED TOPIC: Paramount Style B open back 6??

Posted - 11/06/2009: 10:32:14

Anyone ever seen anything like this - it's a Paramount Style B with a tenor neck, six string tailpiece, 12 inch head, and no resonator. Maybe a conversion neck on a six string pot? Hank

banjonz - Posted - 11/06/2009: 11:00:24

It is hard to say! The tailpiece is obviously not original to the banjo and although the woods don't match between the neck and the rim, they could have started out in life together. I personally haven't ever seen a 12" pot on a Paramount but I guess it is possible. It is most probable that it is from two separate instruments. All the original Orpheums I have seen have had 12" pots. The dowel stick doesn't look original to the neck IMO!

New Zealand

My short-term memory is not as sharp as it used to be.
Also, my short-term memory's not as sharp as it used to be.

NYCJazz - Posted - 11/06/2009: 11:11:20

I don't think there was any overlap between Orpheum and Paramount, but they were both William Lange companies.

The dowel stick can't be original because the Style B wasn't a 12" rim.

This combo would put the bridge more to the center of the head than was intended.

This banjo makes part of me cringe, but I'd also kinda like to hear how it sounds!

Bill Rogers - Posted - 11/06/2009: 11:24:17

Well, it'a an Orpheum pot, which makes sense, because Paramounts were resonator banjos. So it's a parts banjo; simple as that.


mainejohn - Posted - 11/06/2009: 15:49:29

You did well...the pot's worth at least $200-$250 by itself.

Price: $325.00 USD

Shipping: Price includes shipping in CONUS

Posted By: Hankster2

United States, San Diego, CA, 92129

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Good Condition

Type: 4-String

Brand: Orpheum

Ad Status: Sold, #18192

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