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For Sale or Trade: Gibson Kalamazoo K-RB Full thickness rim, mahogany neck










Would consider a trade for pedals or banjo pickups…

Having owned dozens of these I'm quite impressed with this model for several reasons. A fantastic banjo for various styles, this one really does cover all the bases depending on setup.

It is currently running a period correct head that was found on a slingerland banjo. With this setup it handles clawhammer and two finger like no other. Doc Watson and Benton Flippen could have played any instrument they chose, but they stuck with their old Kalamazoos!

With a thinner and tighter head it is really not only quite loud but more importantly, toneful! You can't beat old wood--the heart of any good banjo.

These banjos sound markedly better when they have the thicker pre-war rim and a mahogany neck as opposed to maple. This example has both. To boot, the neck is Brazilian rosewood.

Non original to the banjo are the tailpiece, the fifth string tuner, the period correct head, and the nut. All hardware has been cleaned and treated.

While these banjos boasted no truss rod, this one has a fantastic neck. The profile is to die for and it just feels prewar. There is some fret wear on the first few frets and quite a bit of wear on the back of the neck. This banjo has been played and IMHO that is almost always a good thing.

Two holes remain in the headstock from a previous cam tuner installation. There is quite a bit of wear throughout, particularly on the back of the neck. The single bound resonator is in good shape, as is the maple rim.

No case but I will include a Superior for $100 extra.

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Price: $1,200.00 USD

Shipping: $150 to Cont USA

Posted By: revellfa

United States, Lavale, MD, 21502

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Good Condition

Type: 5-String Resonator

Brand: Gibson Kalamazoo

Ad Status: Active, #104431

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