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For Sale: REDUCED LeVan 24-fret top-tension resonator banjo






About two years ago, I commissioned Ken LeVan to build me a 24-fret (Hartford style) top-tension resonator banjo. I mostly play bluegrass, but I thought it would be fun to have something more "outside the box." Ken was a delight to work with, the banjo is spectacular, but I am still 99% bluegrass and need to focus my funds into Mastertone-style banjos.

The banjo has a 24-fret mahogany speed neck with a 12" radius. 26&1/4 scale, 1.25" at the nut, Ken's carbon fiber tone ring, and a sapele resonator. I play it tuned to E (Hartford), but you could tune the banjo to G and get a deeper, more 12" pot tone with a "standard" pot. Or a million other things, I guess...

Condition is basically as I received it, save I had a new nut installed (not a fan of zero frets). OHSC. I've loved playing this around the house and at the odd jam, can't keep 'em all though.

I've uploaded Ken's photos b/c they are about a million times better than mine, as well as a pic I took of the new nut.

REDUCED to $1795 or best offer.


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Price: $1,795.00 USD

Shipping: 100 to lower 48

Posted By: BigFiveChord

United States, Austin, TX, 78757

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Mint Condition

Type: 5-String Resonator

Brand: LeVan

Ad Status: Active, #101715

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