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For Sale: Mitch Banjo - Maple/Mahogany (expired)



Innovative 2-in-1 banjo. The Mitch Banjo comes Standard with either curly maple or mahogany wood and nickle plated parts. The Archtop Tone Ring and Tone Ring Mate is unplated and built to my specs using what I could find to be closest to the Prewar specs as possible. I also looked into the weight factor of the Archtop Tone Ring, putting it the same as the Prewar Archtop, and the Mitchels Tone Ring Mate installed in my Archtop Tone Ring is right at the same weight as the Prewar Flathead Tone Ring. The Mitch Banjo can be played as a Flathead with the Mitchels Tone Ring Mate installed or just simply remove the Mitchels Tone Ring Mate and can be played as a Archtop Style Banjo, your choice. The idea for the Mitchels Tone Ring Mate, was for the Prewar Archtop banjos, but soon found out that every banjo I had installed the Mitchels Tone Ring Mate in was good, old and new. Mitch Banjo can be purchased also threw First Quality, Elderly Instruments, and Thanks for looking and God Bless. Here is a link to listen to this model banjo.

Price: $2,895.00 USD

Shipping: Will Calculate based on Location

Posted By: mplatemate

United States, Leavittsburg, OH,

Condition of Banjo:

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Type: 5-String Resonator

Brand: Mitch

Ad Status: Expired, #7915

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