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For Sale: Govox Plectrum Tenor Synth Banjo 1960’s







Thanks for checking out this incredible Govox synth banjo! This might be one of the most interesting and rare instruments ever listed on Banjo Hangout, and I would imagine the buyer will be just as interesting as this system is!

Govox preceded MCI’s Guitorgan, but it is based on the same technology. In addition to being a fantastic electric banjo, this system will layer an organ, bass and drum sound over the banjo sound. This technology was way ahead of its time. Each fret divided into 4 sections- one for each string. When the metal string makes contact with the fret, a corresponding tone is generated for the note played. The switches on the lower bout of the resonator control the different organ tones, flutes etc. There is also a fast and slow tremolo and hold function. The switches and knobs on the upper part of the resonator control the drum beat, tempo, level etc... The multi-pin cable is also included. The “black box” is the brain of the system. Inside you will find several chip boards that rival the technology found on the Apollo spacecraft! There is a plug for a footswitch that I do not have, but it is a standard 1/4 inch jack, so any latch style pedal will do the job. I do not have an instruction manual, so there are a few mysteries that have yet to be solved. There is a short I believe is in the black box which causes a ghost tone to constantly sound. When I flip the power switch on the box off and back on, the tone changes. This tells me that it is not a short in the banjo wiring or the tone would remain the same. The boards look fairly simple and the wiring is accessible, but it will take someone with more electronic talent than I have to find the issue. Other than that, the frets all seem to generate the appropriate tones. The banjo can be played through the 1/4 output if you are looking for a straight banjo sound.

The banjo is in good shape, especially considering its age. There are a few small worn spots on the back of the neck and bowl, but nothing that effects playability. The neck is straight and the head is in good shape. The clearcoat on the headstock is checked, but it is not flaking. The original hardshell case is included and is in great shape.

After several hours of research, I have not seen another Govox banjo system. I would be surprised if we see another one. While it does need some service, it will be a jewel in any collection! I will happily FaceTime with you to give you a better look and listen. Feel free to make an offer, or shoot me a message! I look forward to helping you acquire this awesome Govox tenor synth banjo system!

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Price: $799.00 USD

Shipping: Domestic- $65

Posted By: philbarnes76

United States, TN, 38119

Condition of Banjo:
Used - Good Condition

Type: 4-String

Brand: GOVOX

Ad Status: Active, #67055

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